Inspector Game Inspector in azerbaijanian.Adamlarin ustune mishkaynan bas, banditi yaxala. Ozde chashma, a to her defe bir adam nizashto gedecey.Davay!           

Secrets of GSM Link Secrets of GSM in russian.

Breackfast Game Breackfast At 1th time of games history:the hero-frog.            

Kill Lamer Game Kill Lamer Can U?No,you can not,but U can mute him.

Guest book This is Guest book 4 the guests like U.Write Ur heart words & it will be read not only by me(DON`T ABUSE!)           

Contact with blackeyed If U want to Contact with blackeyed click here.I`m waiting for new friends.Write here and it will be read only by me.

Pacman Game Pacman Original game is now 20 years old.           

Space fight Game Space fight Kill them and don`t die.You can get prizes too

Stars Super Stars in original photos:Sharon Stone(2),Madonna(5),Electra(3) and others.You didn`t see it.           

 Claudia Shiffer Pretty Claudia Shiffer (20)No,she`s not 20.There are her 20 photos.

 Jeniffer Lopez Singer and actrise Jeniffer Lopez (30)in original photos.           

 Funny picturies Look at Funny picturies 4 sm:)e.

 Sea fight Game Sea fight I`ll win.Blackeyed stronger than you!           

Kill Bill Gates or WinBlows2000 GameKill Bill Gates or WinBlows2000 Greedy BillGates wants to set in your computer own new operation sistem WIN-2000. Don`t let him to do that-he don`t must come up to screen of your computer.Kill him with mouse.

Be the slayer Game Be the slayer Asleep.The time is now.A city in need of a hero.Click on vampires to slay them!           

Space Cobra Game Space Cobra Is your sabmitted score higher than our record?

Holliwood Look at Holliwood :Silvester Stallone, Tom Crouse, Will Smith, Madonna, Muray Caray, Jim Carry, Sharone Stone and others.           

Snake Game Snake Eat as many apples as you can(the red dots).

Holliwood#2 Caricaturies from Holliwood#2 .           

Holliwood#3 Caricaturies from Holliwood#3 .

Funny pictures#3 Look at Funny pictures#3 Funnies 4 adult.           

Holliwood#4 Caricaturies from Holliwood#4 .

 My photos My old photo in the link My photos(1)april,1990.            

Chess Play Chess Old classic game-Древняя классическая игра-Qadim klassik oyun.

Anna Kurnikova Play in tennis with Anna Kurnikova .           

 Stars#2 Super Stars#2(6):Natalie Inbruglia,Sundra Bullock,Muray Carrey.

 Funny picturies#2 Look at Funny picturies#2 .           

 Stars#3 Link Stars#3 .

 Emillionaire Play in Emillionaire show.You can choose difficulty level...           

 Fishwater challenge Game Fishwater challenge .Hit the fishy waters of Australia and collect as many fish as you can in 30 seconds.

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